Our Pomsky Travel Safely

In love with our puppies, We deliver! Quality Pomsky Home® offers a safe and sound hand-delivery service of our puppies to clients all over the world! Domestic puppy delivery within the 50 contiguous states and Canada begins at $200. Delivery to all other destinations begins at $300. For more information or to arrange for the delivery of your new puppy, please call or Email us.

*Please note that hand-delivery or pickup are the only two options available. We do not ship our puppies in cargo, as it’s an extremely dangerous practice. Even the most well-known airlines, such as Delta, United, and American Airlines, have experienced the death of their passengers’ pets in cargo, and it just isn’t worth the risk.

How It Works

For a flat service fee your puppy will be hand-delivered to your nearest major airport or at buyer’s home address! Once the purchase of your puppy is complete, we will work with you to make all the necessary travel arrangements. After selecting an agreed upon time, date, and flight, we will email you the travel information. Your puppy will fly safely in-cabin with our puppy nanny to meet you at your nearest major airport. During the flight, our puppy nanny will tend to your puppy’s every need. You are Welcome to Pick Up Your Puppy And Meet The Parents And Grandparents! You will see the loving temperaments of all our Schnauzers and their environment they have been raised in.

Note* We’re giving a 30% discount on all our current puppies because we’re expecting our next litter by the end of next month so we need current puppies to find homes soon in order to reduce the work load since we have other jobs.


Your new Pomsky will come with the following:

* One Year Genetic Guarantee, NO strings attached.

* AKC starter packet.

* Health Record.

* Certified vet check before your puppy arrives.

* Baggy full of dog food.

* New plush Bolster bed.

* Three new First Toys.

* Two stainless steel puppy bowls.

* Training treats.

* Soft cuddly blanket.

* Brush for puppies coat.

* Microchip all PRE-PAID for the life of your dog.

* Puppy outfit.

* New tube of Nutri-Stat puppy nutrition supplement.

* All kinds of information to get you and your new toy or teacup schnauzer puppy off to a great start.

* Potty Training tips. Miniature schnauzer schedules.

* Puppy Training book.

* First dose of Revolution to prevent heartworms, fleas, ticks and mites

* Brand new dog crate that is big enough to last them for life.

* Your miniature schnauzer puppy will come bathed and groomed.

* Lifetime support for you & your new schnauzer puppy.

* Each miniature schnauzer baby comes pre-spoiled & ready for you to enjoy!!!

* Extensive Parasite Prevention treatment from a nationally known vet expert.

All puppies come with a brand new crate, blanket, toy, food and water cups, toy, puppy pad and a tube of Nutri-stat!